The Best Video Hosting alternative to Youtube

Whenever people think of video hosting sites most automatically think of YouTube. Part of that has to do with how widely popular the platform is. More so since being acquired by the top search engine in the world, Google. It is why searches on Google for any kind of videos generally show results for YouTube. Still, there are those who don’t like to depend on just one particular site for their video hosting needs. Others want an alternative since having extra options is always a great idea. Irrespective of the reason why there are some several options available.


Vimeo – People who want to find high-quality videos typically land on Vimeo. It is an excellent option since they have endless content to choose from. A vast majority of WordPress hosting platforms recommend Vimeo for various reasons. After all, the site was the first to offer HD quality support on the internet. Those who use Vimeo gloat about their features such as its branded video player. This is very useful since it allows anyone to customize the way your particular video player appears to others.

In addition, individuals can customize video URLs and privacy control. Unlike YouTube that tends to compress videos, Vimeo does not. In turn, that leads to a video quality that is far more superior than others; including YouTube. Lastly, people enjoy the top notch customer service which leaves the competition in the dust.

Veoh – While describing itself as a Web TV company, the site still has a vast number of videos. The difference in most of the videos found on Veoh is that professionals produce them. Plus, anyone who is searching for entertainment content will see a lot of it on this site. That includes TV hits such as the hit comedy Two and a Half Men and Family Ties classic. Veoh has full-length movies which cover a wide range of genres and short clips as well.

Dailymotion – People can find videos much easier on Dailymotion due to its channel and tags feature. The popular video hosting site also has an interface which is simple and easy to navigate through. Visitors get to choose the video quality they want to watch. Additionally, copyright issues are not as rampant as on YouTube which is renowned for them. Dailymotion’s content tolerance is also much better than that of YouTube.